Show And Tell -- Tip Tip Dig Dig

Happy Show And Tell Day!

First off, I love Emma Garcia's books.  They're so much fun.  One of the reasons I fell in love with her books is because my students loved them so much.  Many of my students who didn't usually participate in circle time would imitate all the actions for this book.  It's so simple, it has good repetitive lines the kids could repeat, and nice action words that could be acted out.

A lot of kids with autism love cars or trucks, so this Tip Tip Dig Dig is kind of perfect as far as an attention getter.  If you are working on imitation skills, this book is motivating.  If you are working on actions words, it's also a good one.

A couple other Emma Garcia books that I love are Toot Toot Beep Beep, and Tap Tap Bang Bang.  Check them out!

Joy Mano
Utah PLAY Project Home Consultant
Early Intervention for Kids with Autism

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