Show And Tell Friday--Mercer Mayer Apps

I love the Mercer Mayer Apps.  First of all, I just love Mercer Mayer books, so it makes sense that I like the app.  However, there are other books I love and really dislike the app, so loving the book isn't always a qualifier.

There are a whole bunch of Little Critter Apps out now.  They have one free book, it's Just Me And My Mom-Lite.  So check that one out first to make sure you like it.

Here are the reasons why I like this app:

  • I love the voice that reads it.  I have seen other apps of children's books that use an adult voice that is monotone.  This one is a child's voice, and is full of emotion.
  • You can choose to have it read to you, or you can choose to read it on your own.
  • The words are highlighted as it is read aloud.
  • You can record your own voice reading it if you'd like.
  • When you tap on objects in the pictures, it names the object and the word is displayed on the screen.
  • There is a little activity throughout the book where you try to find something like a frog, mouse, or spider on each page.
As of today March 8, 2013 (we all know this list will change frequently, and I won't be able to keep it up to date), these are the current Little Critter Books that are Apps.
  • All By Myself
  • I Just Forgot (on sale as of today for $0.99)
  • Just Go To Bed
  • Just Grandma And Me
  • Just Me And My Mom-Lite (free)
  • Just Me And My Puppy (on sale)
  • Just A Mess
  • The New Baby
  • What A Bad Dream (on sale)
  • I Was So Mad
  • Just Going To The Dentist
  • Just Shopping With Mom
  • Just For You
  • Me Too!
  • The New Potty
  • When I Get Bigger (on sale)
  • Happy Easter, Little Critter (coming soon)
  • Just Me And My Little Brother (coming soon)
Joy Mano
Utah PLAY Project Home Consultant
Early Intervention Services for Children With Autism

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