Parent Testimonial of the PLAY Project

“My Name is Rachael, I have a 4 year old Autistic son named Tyler. I started doing Play Project two years ago with Joy.  Play Project for me has been a new life, a new life style, and a necessity in our lives.  Before we started working with Tyler on Play Project we could not get him to respond to his name, show us what he wanted, or even calm him down.  Play Project is something that I work on each and every day, all throughout the day.  We have learned that this is just our new way of life and our way to play with our sweet TY TY!  If I look back at when we started Play Project, I can remember how completely lost I was.  I had no idea how to PULL Tyler out of his world...and then through Play Project I have learned that I don't need or want to pull him out of his world ... I want to enter into his! I am so grateful for Play Project and for Joy, teaching me how to play with my son. Tyler now gives us eye contact on a regular basis, he shows me what he wants with either picture exchange or by pulling my hand, and he is now responding to his name!  Another thing that Play Project has helped us with is his meltdowns, Tyler used to hit his head on walls with frustration, he has not done that for over 1 year! The more we PLAY the better he does! I love Play Project!”


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