Giving Up A Little to Give Someone A Lot

You may have seen this video that came out last week.  I'll be honest, it totally made me cry...and gave me some things to think about.
  • What if every parent encouraged their child to do what they loved regardless of limits they think they might have?
  • What if every teacher/coach decided from the beginning that they would make sacrifices in order for their student to have his/her moment in time?
  • What if every peer was willing to lose a little to give a lot?
  • What if in that journey to the moment of glory, every kid had a crowd chanting his/her name.
  • What if no matter how many times you tried and missed, your coach left you in, your teammates still passed you the ball, and the crowd was still cheering for you until you succeeded.
  • What if in just a few seconds your initial thought is to help someone who is supposed to be an opponent have an unforgettable moment rather than end the game as everyone else expects you to do?
  • What if every act of kindness made it to the news?
Joy Mano
Utah PLAY Project Home Consultant
Early Intervention Services for Children With Autism

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