Show And Tell Friday - Froggy Gets Dressed

For show and tell today I am sharing a book that I love.  It reminds of the Cosby Show episode when Mr. Huxtable asks Rudy if she needs to go to the bathroom before they put her in her snow clothes.  She says no, so he gets her dressed.  As soon as she's dressed and ready to go out the door she says "I need to go to the bathroom!"  And that's pretty much how it goes with snow clothes :)

This book is great for talking about different articles of clothes.  

Vocabulary includes: boots, socks, mittens, shirt, pants, coat, hat, scarf, and underwear

Activity Ideas:
  • Get a felt board to illustrate the story

  • If you have a stuffed animal frog, you could find doll clothes to dress him in.

  • Your child could pretend to be froggy, and they could act the book out while you read it.  It would be fun to do it in front of a mirror.
Joy Mano
Utah PLAY Project Home Consultant
Early Intervention Treatment for Children With Autism

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