Special Education Acronyms

When your child has a CA of 3, you will have his IEP at the CDC where you will discuss the LRE with the LEA for your child with ASD because he will no longer be on an IFSP.  OK? OK...

I worked with people with developmental disabilities in various settings before I started working in Education.  Yeah we had acronyms too, but when I started teaching, EVERYTHING had an acronym.  I did the alternative route to licensure, so I taught my class while I was going to school to get my Educators License.  So basically, I was just thrown into the school environment, acronyms and all.  Most of the time I would just smile and nod, and then I'd go look up the acronyms later.  Confusing...it was confusing.

I'm sure many parents use my same technique of smile and nod, smile and nod.  Especially when they're new to the world of special ed.  Now some teachers are better at explaining things than others, but some teachers forget that not everyone speaks the acronym language.

So here we go, here are a few of the acronyms.  I couldn't do all of them since there are hundreds of them, but it's a start :)

For more acronyms, you can go to the Utah State Office of Education site, or the Utah Parent Center site.  This list was compiled from their two lists.

Joy Mano
Utah PLAY Project Home Consultant
Early Intervention Treatment for Children With Autism

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