Saying Good Job Without Saying "Good Job"

In my preschool class for kids with autism, positive reinforcement has always been important.  One thing we noticed was how often we would use the phrase "good job."  Do you have a phrase you hear yourself saying over and over?  It just comes out without even thinking.  Well, when someone hears the same phrase over and over, it tends to lose it's meaning.  You wouldn't think that changing your compliments would be difficult, but it's harder than it looks.

Here's an exercise to try with your child.  Keep a tally of how many times you use your repetitive "good job" phrase while you're interacting with your child.  It's actually easier and more noticeable when someone else tally's for you though.  Then try replacing your "good job" comments with other phrases, if you have a hard time doing it, keep a list around that you can quickly glance at.

Joy Mano
Utah PLAY Project Home Consultant
Early Childhood Intervention for Children with Autism

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  1. I say "good choice" all the time. As in, "That's a good choice!"